David Rosetzky, Air to Atmosphere Exhibition Catalogue


David Rosetzky’s ‘Air to Atmosphere’ is an interdisciplinary and collaborative project made with members of the LGBTQIA+ community on Dja Dja Wurrung Country in Central Victoria. Stemming from a series of conversations Rosetzky initiated with participants, the project traverses photography, filmmaking, choreography, performance, song, poetry, publishing and social encounter.

These diverse elements are brought together in a major exhibition commissioned by Castlemaine Art Museum as part of the 2023 Castlemaine State Festival. At the exhibition’s core is a two-channel video installation—in which participants share honest, in-depth accounts of their lives—and a suite of colour photographic portraits, offering insights into and representations of LGBTQIA+ experience in a regional setting.

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition, the publication extends Rosetzky’s collaborations with the local community. Published by Sonntag Press, it features conversation transcripts, original song lyrics, a newly commissioned essay by art historian Professor Anne Marsh and poems by Terence Jaensch, alongside full-colour reproductions of the video stills and portraits. Printed in a limited edition of 250, each book features a unique quote and cover design. Edited by Kay Campbell, the Comma Institute. Designed by Alex Ward, Pidgeon Ward.

NB: Printed as a limited edition of 250 in an array of colours, each cover has an individual quote - so no two covers are the same! Purchased catalogues will be processed with covers selected at random. Please email [email protected] for all queries.